Shenzhen Bay 'Super City' master plan concept proposal, Shenzhen, China

In 2014, Office for Architectural Culture undertook the master plan and concept proposal for a 'Super City' in front of the bay of Shenzhen in southern China.

The aim is to create a major new international business hub for Southeast Asia, complete with arts and business schools. The project has a land area of 35.2 hectares and a total of 1,500,000m2 building floor area. Three super tall buildings, ranging from 450m up to 680m, are the core of the project. OAC has placed a linear park along the site to harmoniously connect the lake and Shenzhen Bay. Fundamental to our concept, and contrary to the trend of creating super-human scaled urban environments, is the creation of an urban centre that provides spaces and buildings on a human scale by means of vertical and horizontal links between services, retail areas, commercial spaces and an eco-friendly public transport system. Two cultural complexes (business and an artistic village) are located on the seafront.

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