Famen Temple Zen Meditation Centre Master Plan Development & Museums, Shaanxi, China

Office for Architectural Culture won an international design competition in 2012 to master plan and design the Famen Temple Zen Meditation Centre. The client is the largest state-owned cultural developer in China who has created a number of world famous developments, and is now starting to undertake re-development of the Terracotta Warriors site in Xi'an.

The internationally prominent Famen Temple project is to be developed around the 1,800 year-old Famen Buddhist Temple, the only Buddhist temple in the world which owns and preserves a genuine bone relic of Buddha and is, therefore, a supremely holy place for Buddhists around the world. The site area is 1,240,000 sqm and the total built floor area is 300,000 sqm. The project includes a number of mediation lodges, several museums and two hotels in addition to the World Meditation Centre and a forest.

Currently, OAC has completed the schematic design.

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